To keep it simple is often very difficult.

This is especially true in digitization - with its rapidly increasing complexity.

Simplified inclusion of core information by eliminating distracting side Information.

Simplified long-term storage of information in the brain through emotional pictures and stories.

Simplified access to information with a TOUCH.





After studying communications engineering Holger Schaffer was involved in the development of digital components at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology.
  At Junghans Uhren and HSchaffer
he developed and marketed watches and key fobs with RFID technology.

At Schneider Schreibgeräte
he developed and marketed the largest tool kit for the realization of new solutions in the digital world.

German Digitization Portal ( was created by him.
His extensive know-how in the areas of digitization, business processes and marketing strategies

are the basis for the successful development

of new digital tools.






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