Internet access is a fundamental requirement for further digitization. Access to a powerful and robust WiFi network is very important. This is exactly what the German initiative FREIFUNK has set itself the goal.


Six simple steps to realize free WiFi in the city:



The customer, guest and tourist nowadays expect a comfortable, efficient and free access to the Internet - in the pedestrian zone, on the waterside promenade, in the shop, in the cafe, in the hotel.

No password, no registration, no permanent connection to the Internet. A WiFi network as comfortable as a mobile network.

This is exactly what FREIFUNK makes possible.

It intelligently uses the existing infrastructure.

By adding inexpensive free-wireless routers many small existing Internet connections become extremely fast, uncomplicated and cheap

a large, powerful, open and robust WiFi network. See






Not a mayor, city council, economic promoter, budget, staff shortage, power connection or monument conservator decides on FREE WIFI IN THE CITY - but you and your neighbours.



Send us an e-mail to with the informal order of the desired Freifunk routers.



In many cases, you can install the routers by plug and play. If you wish, we can also take care of the installation and - if necessary - further support. For community actions, the travel costs are eliminated.



FREIFUNK is consistently optimized to minimize effort and costs. Therefore, the payment is made exclusively according to the "goods against cash" procedure.



Customers, guests and tourists may be provided with additional digital information, features and services. 





Freifunk routers are available from our partner

MARTEC-BBS in St. Georgen




TP-Link WR841ND

Entry-level model with 2x 5 dBi antenna, 1xWAN port and 4 Ethernet ports for home users, small user groups, small businesses, bars, small guesthouses or small restaurants (Performance: Up to 10 users on a 16 MBit connection).




TP-Link WR901ND

Medium model A with 3x 5 dBi antenna and 1xWAN connection for commercial businesses, small hotels, medium-sized restaurateurs or more demanding home users, tabletop or wall mounting, remote feed (PoE) via network cable is possible (performance: up to 15 users on a 16 MBit connection)




TP-Link WR941ND

Medium model B with 3x 5 dBi antenna, 1xWAN connection and 4 Ethernet connections for businesses, small hotels, medium-sized restaurateurs or more demanding home users, tabletop or wall -Mounting (Performance: Up to 30 users on a 25 Mbit connection)




TP-Link WR1043ND

Professional model with 3x 5 dBi antenna 1xWAN connection and 4 Ethernet connections for companies, large squares, larger restaurants, hotels, event rooms, halls or High-end home users. Special application: As a mesh router / VPN offload router, desktop device or wall mounting (Performance: Up to 50 users on a 100 MBit connection)




TP-Link CPE 210

Outdoor router (weatherproof) with 30 degrees radio antenna, 1xWAN connection and 1 Ethernet connection for large spaces, long distances up to 2 km (max 100 mW in Germany) or for meshing, pole / roof / façade installation, generally with remote supply (PoE) via network cable. (Performance: Up to 50 users on a 1Gb connection)